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The Greek Research Infrastructure for Personalised Μedicine


Towards more accurate and cost-effective health management for the Greek citizen

pMedGR aims to become a regional hub for the implementation, coordination and integration of personalized medicine approaches in South-East Europe, as part of a global network, offering centralized information on patient stratification, susceptibility factors and response to treatments for relevant regional populations. This hub will serve as a single entry point for researchers and industry with an interest in targeting this area. Greece’s strategic geopolitical position, which correlates with genetic characteristics that may be important to health and disease, render it ideal to serve as a paradigm for personalized approaches targeting an extended regional area, including south Italy, the Balkans, Turkey etc. Through pMedGR, Greece has the potential to become a South-East European Node for Personalized Medicine, linking Europe to emerging markets such as Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

A specialized regional “meta-structure”


  • Pharmaceutical R&D departments 

  • Biotechnology SMEs and diagnostics developers

  • Biomedical and clinical researchers

  • National and European biomedical research infrastructures

  • Patients and patient foundations

  • Policy-makers 










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pMedGR is one of the eight Biomedical Research Infrastructures included in the new National Roadmap that has just been launched.


International Evaluation results: pMedGR receives score 18/20 and is among the highest scoring proposals.