International Evaluation Results: pMedGR receives score 18/20 and is among the highest scoring proposals.

Quotes from comments received:


The proposal is of high scientific level and timely.


The RI has the potentiality to promote major breakthroughs in innovative products and healthcare applications and to contribute to personalized medicine being introduced in daily clinical practice.


The Medical School of University of Athens is a leading institution with highly experienced scientists and excellent technological infrastructure.

Synergies are well implemented within the consortium, which has the critical mass to provide efficient and high quality services to the users.


Potentiality to become a hub for the implementation, coordination and integration of personalized medicine approaches in the region and as part of a pan‐European and global network.


The synergies within the research, innovation and training in the network are evident.

The plans to become an independent legal entity could allow higher flexibility, efficiency and cost effectiveness in managing the RI activities. 


The services provided by this RI would contribute to lead industrial innovation towards novel diagnostic and therapeutic modalities and advanced knowledge for personalised healthcare.