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pMedGR is an “open access” infrastructure

Access to the Infrastructure is available to both Internal and External users, and the services are provided on a first come-first serve basis. Prices for services will be determined on a cost recovery basis and such that they are competitive in relation to international standards in order to facilitate access and achieve maximum benefit for regional and national users. It is envisioned 

that in long term the quality of services and specific operations will be such that International users will be attracted as well. Income generated by service provision will be used towards implementation of activities such as covering operational costs, upgrade of equipment and infrastructures, support of networking and transnational access activities.


A fraction of services are offered "free of charge", modeled after EU Transnational Access activities, but with focus on regional users, with limited financial means for covering the expenses on their own. These free access units are expected to boost research productiviry and innovation in the area, by supporting projects that have the potential to lead to personalized medicine proof of concept applications.

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