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Next generation sequencing technologies and advanced mass spectrometry platforms coupled with advanced imaging facilities, set the basis for personalized and stratified drug discovery and development. The following coreunits will be established in the context of pMedGR, to address the needs of both the industrial and academic sector in implementing personalized medicine.
Personalised Genomics Facility


The Unit will provide services and support in high-throughput, genome wide research, including genomic applications (whole genome sequencing, exome sequencing, whole genome mapping, genotyping etc), transcriptomic (RNA-Seq, smallRNA-Seq), epigenomic (MeDIP-Seq, ChIP-Seq, bisulfide sequencing etc), metagenomic and genotyping services.


Advanced Imaging Facility


The Unit will employ new approaches for the discovery and validation of novel
biomarkers suitable for patient stratification and disease prognosis as well as facilitate the efficient diagnosis
of clinical samples with high speed and accuracy. These include:


  • light sheet and multi-photon microscopy system


  • echographic apparatus for assessing novel treatment strategies for heart and vascular diseases


  • probe-based in vivo imaging for assessing novel biomarkers for disease progression


Proteomics and Metabolomics 


The Unit will provide the following services:


  • improved sample separation and sensitivity


  • accurate quantization in parallel with identification


  • high-throughput analysis of proteins and metabolites


  • metabolic profiling and fingerprinting


Cyclotron and PET Imaging Unit


The Unit will contribute to:


  • Identifying imaging biomarkers


  • Visualising molecular processes for early diagnosis


  • Identifying pathophysiological alterations when disease is present


  • Allowing diagnostic precision as well as treatment monitoring and response


  • Combining targeted imaging and therapy (theragnostics) and Individualising, image-guided therapeutic interventions

Data Analysis, Integration and Modeling Unit


The Unit will provide bioinformatic and data analysis resources for individual medical genomic applications through the following pipelines:


  • Analysis of genetic variability

  • Transcriptome profiling

  • Pharmacogenomic analyses

  • Individual epigenetic profiling

  • Modeling

  • Efficient reference genome indexing

  • ExomeSeq data analysis

Clinical Tissue Sampling Facility


The Unit will determine strategies and
implement best practices for collecting, cataloguing, and storing samples and specimens (fresh, frozen or FFPE samples) for use in the above advanced technology platforms.