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Next generation sequencing technologies and advanced mass spectrometry platforms coupled with advanced imaging facilities, set the basis for personalized and stratified drug discovery and development. The following core units are established in the context of pMedGR, to address the needs of both the industrial and academic sector in implementing personalized medicine.

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Clinical Samples Reception and Processing Unit


The Unit determines strategies and
implements best practices for collecting, cataloguing, and storing samples and specimens (fresh, frozen or FFPE samples) for use in the advanced technology platforms of pMedGR. 

Personalised Genomics & Transcriptomics Unit


The Unit provides services and support in high-throughput, genome wide research, including genomic (gene panel sequencing, exome sequencing, genotyping etc), transcriptomic (mRNA-Seq, smallRNA-Seq, 3' mRNA-Seq, etc.), epigenomic (ChIP-Seq, ATAC-Seq, etc.), and metagenomic (16S rRNA-Seq, shotgun sequencing, etc.) applications.  

Single Cell Analysis Unit


Single Cell Analysis is an innovative technology that allows the evaluation of the genetic profile at a single cell level within a tissue, leading to the identification of specific biomarkers and the development of specialised diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. 

Proteomics Unit


The Unit provides the following advanced proteomic services for clinical samples:


  • Differential proteomic analysis using label-free quantification

  • Differential proteomic analysis using reporter ion labeling

  • Targeted proteomic analysis

  • Identification of protein complex components

  • Identification of post-translational modifications

  • Meta-proteomic analysis of micorbiomes

Mass Cytometry (CyTOF) Unit


Using the 3rd generation Helios cytometer, the simultaneous identification of over 150 different parameters at a single cell level is feasible, leading to the discovery of new cell types and biomarkers valuable in disease diagnosis, response to therapy and treatment​. 

Unit Members

Data Analysis, and Bioinformatics Unit


The Unit provides bioinformatic and data analysis resources for individual medical NGS applications through the following pipelines:

  • Exome and Whole genome sequencing

  • Bulk RNA-sequencing (RNAseq)

  • Single cell RNA-sequencing (scRNAseq)


While our pipelines are offered as standard services and serve certain technologies, more advanced bioinformatics solutions can be performed upon request and in collaboration with our experts.

Cyclotron and PET Imaging Unit


The Unit will contribute to:



  • Identifying imaging biomarkers




  • Visualising molecular processes for early diagnosis




  • Identifying pathophysiological alterations when disease is present




  • Allowing diagnostic precision as well as treatment monitoring and response




  • Combining targeted imaging and therapy (theragnostics) and Individualising, image-guided therapeutic interventions​




Soon to be included in pMedGR’s technologies.


This innovative technology recreates the natural physiology and mechanical forces experienced within the human body, thus providing a new standard for predicting how a human may respond to medicines, chemicals, and foods — with greater precision and control than today’s cell culture or animal-based testing methods.

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