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pMedGR services:

NGS Analysis 

Illumina NextSeq 550 System for high-throughput, genome wide research, including genomic, transcriptomic, epigenomic and metagenomic applications. 

Single Cell Analysis 

10x Genomics’ Chromium Controller Single Cell system for single cell partitioning for genomic analysis. 

Bioinformatics Analysis 

Provision of bioinformatic and data analysis resources for individual medical NGS applications. 

Proteomics Analysis 

Thermo Scientific Q Exactive HF-X Hybrid Quadropole-Orbitrap mass spectometer for quantitative analysis of proteins and characterization of their interactions and post-translational modifications. 


Fluidigm Helios mass cytometer for deep profiling of translational and clinical research samples at single-cell level. 

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