Center of New Biotechnologies & Precision Medicine

Enabling precision prognosis, diagnosis & therapy of diseases through advances in Biotechnology

The Greek Research Infrastructure for Personalised Μedicine


Towards more accurate and cost-effective health management for the Greek citizen
Our Goals

  • Strengthen basic research

  • Harness the “big data” revolution

  • Revise clinical trial designs

  • Move regulatory science forward

  • Foster collaboration

  • Enhance patient access to innovative medicines

A specialized regional 


  • Pharmaceutical R&D departments 

  • Biotechnology SMEs and diagnostics developers

  • Biomedical and clinical researchers

  • National and European biomedical research infrastructures

  • Patients and patient foundations

  • Policy-makers 



pMedGR aims at supporting research and innovation towards next generation healthcare applications. Specifically, the infrastructure aims at re-designing ongoing and prospective clinical trials, linking them with molecular profiles obtained through high-throughput ‘omics’ technologies towards more efficient and cost-effective health and disease management for European citizens.


pMedGR offers a unique opportunity for obtaining real added value for the European and regional social market economy and has a high potential for attracting private investments, maximizing synergies between national and EU funding schemes and thus mobilizing, leveraging and bundling different types of public and private funding. It combines economic viability with high-socioeconomic returns in the area of healthcare management and brings together the industrial sector, clinicians, medical researchers, biomedical scientists and technology experts, thus providing the necessary means to initiate and develop innovation.

News & Events



“1st Call for proposals for FREE Research Services: Presentation of services and discussion of technical details”


1st Open Access Call Announcement

for the provision of research services free of charge to four (4) research projects.

Application Deadline: 15/06/2020


The 1st Scientific Workshop of the Centre of New Biotechnologies and Precision Medicine (CNBPM) of the Medical School of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) & of the Greek Research Infrastructure for Personalised Medicine (pMedGR) took place at the Medical Scool's Auditorium «G. Kotzias». 

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